Your Home Inspection

Purchasing a home can be stressful. It is easy to overlook things that can cost you thousands in repairs down the line.  A professional home inspection can shed light on the condition of the property you’re considering for purchase.  Below is a brief rundown of the areas we inspect, please click on any of the thumbnails to get a better idea of that part of the inspection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When do I get my inspection?

A: Before you close on the purchase of a home – or sometimes even before you make an offer – you should insist on an independent home inspection by a professional inspector.  See more here.

Q: What’s your cancellation policy?

A: Life happens, and we completely understand.  We won’t charge you anything if you cancel before your appointment.

Q: If you find problems does it cost extra?

A: No.

Q: Can I be home for my inspection?

A: It is preferred that the client be present, but it’s not necessary.

Q: How long until I receive my report?

A: Twenty-four hours is the goal.

Q: Can you give me an estimate on a repair?

A: No. However, we can refer you to a competent contractor who can give you an estimate on your repair.

What about older houses?

When it comes to the inspection of a house from the 70s or earlier, you can expect that there will be more to look at than in new homes. Now, they will both have their own problems, but the older homes will have more stories to tell. Additions, previous repairs, unsatisfactory repairs, outdated wiring or heating and air systems are just some of the stories that need to be interpreted. The foundation and framing of the older home is likely more stable than that of a new home. The reason is Mother Nature has already inflicted the majority of her damage to the house. The home is comfortable in its settling and has generally stopped moving and adjusting.